Welcome to THE OFFICIAL Quest For Madness Website!


QFM, or Quest For Madness, is a group of aspiring and thriving artists originally from Guam USA.  Their background consists of Radio, Club, Mobile DJ’ing, Pre and Post Multi-Media Production in Audio and Video disciplines.  The group mainly operates in Guam under the affiliate name The Wrexxshop DJs and also perform throughout the US Mainland.

Story of The Month

There was a gig in Guam at a local high school.  The Junior Class Officers did not have a budget for decorations for the big dance that they were sponsoring early in the school year.  They asked QFM to help and without hesitation, the leaders of the group rounded up the teens helping to set the room go out and grab local resources, and in this case it was botanical elements!  Several hours later after the teens came back and decorated the high school Gym and their own setups with coconut leaves, palm tree leaves, coconuts and a swinging fruit atop scaffolds.  This gig was known as ‘The Jungle Gym Setup’.